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10 May Genius Hacks Using Everyday Household Items
WLH Admin 0 786
As a millennial homeowner — yes, we do exist — on a tight budget, I'm always looking for ways to use what I have on hand to do things around the house. If I don't need to buy something to achieve the ..
05 Jun Creative Mason Jar Storage Bag
WLH Admin 0 707
"It's just a plastic bag" - said 8 billion people. Reusable zip bags are a must in every kitchen or household. They make food last longer and are a perfect way to transport food. The zip bags are clos..
01 Jul Multi-Functional 3 in 1 chopping board Detachable Folding Drain Basket
WLH Admin 0 405
This innovative chopping board is finally here. Below are the features:Easy to Clean: The cutting board is draining and easy to clean. The cutting board can be cut. Plate thickening is made of safe ma..
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